Reflecting on 2023: Our Year in Review

2023 dei diversity and inclusion review Dec 14, 2023
Year in review

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's a perfect time to reflect on the year that has been and the strides we've made at Thriving Talent. Let's look at some of our highs, challenges, and aspirations that have shaped our journey and that of our clients.

1. Positive Trends in DEI: A Year of Increased Awareness

Awareness on the Rise Across Industries

One standout trend this year has been the elevating baseline of awareness regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across various industries. Notably, startups and smaller companies are proactively seeking assistance to establish inclusive strategies from the outset. The resonance of the importance of respectful behaviour and inclusive teams has been a focal point. Our team has experienced a surge in engagements, new clients and fortifying relationships with existing ones—a clear indicator that the topics we champion are gaining prominence.

Focus on the Long Game

The year has seen a remarkable shift, with clients viewing DEI not as isolated events but as a continuous journey and integral to their overarching business strategy. The majority of our clients continue to work with us year-on-year and we have seen many tap into a wider range of solutions as they invest in their longer term DEI goals.

Men Leveraging Equity

A heartening development is witnessing individuals, particularly new fathers, taking bold steps to redefine work-life balance. Their decisions to opt for part-time roles, take parental leaves, or relocate for their partner's opportunities have proven not only personally fulfilling but also professionally enriching.

Innovations in Policy and Process

Companies are pushing the envelope by revising policies, employing AI in recruitment, and investing in inclusive language tools. Training efforts are honing in on inclusive behaviours and competencies, showcasing a collective commitment to fostering a fair and equitable workplace.

2. Challenges Encountered: Time Constraints and Policy Struggles

The Time Crunch

A recurring challenge has been the time constraints faced by individuals and companies. The perpetual juggle of priorities and projects often relegates newer initiatives, like DEI, to the background. The frustration among our contacts is palpable as they recognize the transformative potential of these initiatives.

Evolving Dynamics of Work

The advent of hybrid work, coupled with challenges like AI integration and leading diverse generations, has presented a dynamic landscape. Economic uncertainties further compound the struggle, with budget constraints limiting developmental activities.

The Leadership Conundrum

While there's commendable effort at grassroots levels, some organisations grapple with top-tier resistance. Fear-based management and ingrained resistance at leadership levels hinder progress for those championing more humane workplaces.

Gender Diversity Fatigue

Despite efforts to increase gender diversity, some companies fall into the trap of assuming the issue is solved by recruitment alone. The attrition of women from leadership roles remains a concern, reflecting a need for sustained focus.

3. Future Excitement: A Shared Responsibility and AI Integration

DEI as a Universal Concern

The prospect of DEI becoming a universal concern is invigorating. Recognizing that we are all minorities in some aspect fosters a collective responsibility for building inclusive workplaces.

Collaborative Endeavors

Excitement brews around collaborative efforts spanning companies, partnerships, and social enterprises. The shared goal of fostering awareness, understanding, and respect for diverse perspectives propels us forward.

Revolutionary AI Integration

Looking ahead, the integration of AI to revolutionize resource provision and training is a source of anticipation. Ensuring unbiased decision-making and making DEI a cornerstone of the next industrial revolution are on the horizon.

4. Hopes for 2024: Peace, Growth, and Holistic Approaches

Personal and Professional Growth

The team echoes hopes for peace, open mindsets, and vulnerability in the coming year. Positive actions for inclusion intertwined with personal and professional growth are all on the wishlist.

Continued Growth and Fairness

The desire for continued growth, open communication, and fairness underscores the team's aspirations. Leaders walking the talk and humane workplaces supported by equitable policies are key hopes.

Strategic Approaches to DEI

Anticipation surrounds more organisations adopting a holistic and strategic approach to DEI. The yearning is for inclusive workplaces to become the norm rather than a checkbox for external stakeholders.

5. 2023 Wrap-Up: Gratitude, Commitment, and Courage

Building on Initial Work

Expressions of hope are coupled with a plea for sustained commitment. The strides made in DEI mustn't lose momentum, especially amid budgetary constraints and global economic challenges.

A Heartfelt Thank You

A heartfelt thank you resonates through the team's sentiments—to clients, partners, and the entire Thriving Talent network. Courageous conversations have been initiated, and the team acknowledges the bravery of organisations delving into the sometimes uncomfortable terrain of DEI.

A Year of Impact

2023 marked a year of impact for Thriving Talent. From fostering a feedback culture to supporting new parents, every small action has contributed to making a difference in workplaces.

6. Word for 2024: CHOICE

As we step into 2024, the chosen word resonates—CHOICE. Every action we take shapes the society we live in. Choosing inclusivity, respect, and understanding in all endeavours sets the tone for a brighter future.

In closing, let's carry the lessons of 2023 into the new year, fortified by the experiences that have helped us grows. Here's to a future of choice, collaboration, and continuous progress! 

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