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Develop your female talent pipeline and accelerate gender equality in your workplace with proven leadership coaching and  training programmes driven by diversity and inclusion.


Investing in women drives commercial success, higher levels of innovation, while also retaining and developing your best talent.

The business case is clear for investing in the diversity and inclusion of your executive and leadership teams.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) workplace trainings support psychological safety, work life balance and leads to stronger teams overall.

Gender- and ethically diverse companies are 25% more likely to financially outperform non-diverse companies in the same industry, according to McKinsey & Company.

The business case for diversity
Equality = Retention + Career Growth

Equality = Retention + Career Growth

According to research by Accenture, when organisations work towards a gender equal workplace, the proportion of women planning to stay with their current employer would rise from 85% to 89% over the next 12 months. 

The retention rate for men would rise by 1%.

Equality = Retention + Career Growth

When workplace culture enables gender equality, the proportion of women with stronger leadership ambition in their company would climb by 21%, from 24% to 29%, while men’s leadership aspirations would remain the same.

Watch Thriving Talent discuss the important benefits of female-only leadership programmes:


Two practical solutions to help organisations advance women and drive results.


This innovative programme is aimed at supporting women to focus more proactively on their career progression, to discuss and explore without the risk of overwhelm and supports work/life balance.

Run internally or in cross-company cohorts, Empower Your Future blends live interactive webinars and e-learning, with virtual group coaching. It provides a forum for participants to share challenges, normalise fears, inspire each other, while also increasing their spheres of influence and networks to advance their career as business leaders.



One-on-one coaching aimed at advancing women who want to focus on their career progression can also be a standalone programme. Our experience shows that coaching is also a valuable complement to Empower Your Future training for deeper and more sustained insights on an individual and tailored level.


We tailor our training and coaching programmes to company needs and to help advance women in their organisation. As a result, the women who experience our programmes report the ability to:

  • Dare to dream and overcome limiting beliefs, explore and apply for more senior leadership roles with confidence and conviction.
  • Create and activate a career development plan, focused on increasing visibility and their sphere of influence at work.
  • Hold courageous conversations and negotiate for what they need, both at home and at work, to help them advance in their career.
  • Be a role model and inspire other women in the company.
  • Build a network of women in business to serve as mentors and role models.
  • Contribute to the leadership diversity, equity and inclusion of the workplace.

What our clients are saying:


"Several proposals in the Diversity and Inclusion month agenda appealed to me. In practice, I could attend two related sessions from Thriving Talent. One focused on the imposter syndrome and the "saboteurs", these inner negative mechanisms that hold us back in our life. The second focused on mental fitness, ways to stop negative emotions and to seek for opportunities in any circumstance. Our trainers provided very useful insights, and it was great to discuss such content with colleagues in smaller group. Many thanks to the team that prepared this attractive D&I month, creating lots of possibilities for us to learn and improve," says a Head Product Administration

"Not only the advancement of women was a topic, but also generation management, neurodiversity and dealing with disabilities were put in the spotlight... The short trainings with the coaches from Thriving Talent gave us participants the opportunity to briefly switch from working to (self-)reflection mode," Senior Network Manager

"I particularly enjoyed the session on how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome. The session provided very good tips on how to counteract. I was already able to use and actively apply certain methods," says a Senior IT Security Officer

"What I found very enlightening is that work and career is only one of eight areas to focus on. So there are many other things that are important! " Senior Product Manager