Work with us to leverage the diversity of your teams and unleash collaboration, better decisions and higher performance.


We offer tailored team development programmes, mixing individual coaching and team retreats. Each course is based on the team dynamics today and the goal.

Whether a new team is being built or a current team feels disconnected, we will leverage our blend of excellent coaching and facilitation skills to evoke positive, effective and sustainable team performance.

The essential building blocks include:

Team Assessment

To help teams and individuals understand their weaknesses and how to use their strengths in pursuit of a happy, high-performing team.

Team Workshops

To build team capabilities using a blend of theory and practical exercises. Our fun yet impactful workshops are light on Powerpoint slides and can be hosted inside or outside.

Team Retreats

To help teams get some distance from the day-to-day work and re-focus on strategic priorities and goals. We tailor retreats to the team’s needs and always include feedback and recognition, inspiring speakers and fun. Each retreat ends with commitments to will strengthen performance at work.

New Teams

To help new teams form and accelerate performance by building trust, getting to know each other’s strengths and learning how to manage disagreements in a constructive way.

Our programmes help teams and team members:

  • Build trust individually and collectively
  • Gain greater self-awareness for every individual and their impact on the team
  • Engage in effective and collaborative communications
  • Celebrate and manage differences in a positive and constructive way
  • Strive for multi-dimensional leadership in every individual
  • Inspire greater personal commitment  and accountability

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