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The Diversity Simulator (DS) is an Excel-based tool designed to provide insights into the different factors driving the demographic composition of a workforce population, to simulate the impact of variations in those factors over time, and to help users understand what actions might be required to achieve specific demographic goals.

Key features include:

✓ Fully customisable - the user can define the demographic groups and organisational levels to be analysed, the duration of the simulation (1-5 years), as well as the hiring, promotion and turnover rates to be applied.

✓ Possibility to simulate the impact of up to two Special Hiring programmes (e.g., a graduate programme) and up to two Advancement Accelerator programmes (e.g., mentoring or leadership development programmes).

✓ Two modes - Target mode, where the user defines the target demographic breakdown to be achieved by the end of the simulation period; and Comparison mode, which allows the user to run two simulations side-by-side and compare the impact of varying any of the key factors driving demographic evolution (hiring, promotion, turnover rates).

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How you can use it:

⇢ To better inform your inclusive recruitment strategy

⇢ To help you set and reach your DEI goals

⇢ To help measure your progress against your HR objectives

⇢ To inform strategic discussions around your DEI policies

⇢ To demonstrate and compare performance between Divisions, Regions and Business Units

What it is not

The DS is not a piece of software. We have deliberately chosen to develop it in Excel in order to keep it light and flexible - tailoring it to meet the specific needs of your organisation should be relatively straightforward (as long as those needs fall within the limitations of Excel).

Because the DS is an Excel workbook, versioning is not managed - if as a user you wish to save multiple simulations, multiple copies should be created.

The DS is not a planning or reporting tool - it is a simulator designed to support strategic decision-making - the projections it generates are indicative.

Who this is for

The DS is for HR Managers, HR Data Analysts, Business Managers, DEI Leaders and anyone involved in designing strategies to achieve demographic diversity targets.

While a basic familiarity with Excel is helpful, deeper expertise is not required to use the tool as delivered.

On purchase of the tool, you are free to adapt it as you wish - we recommend this only be done by someone with advanced Excel skills.


CHF 3'000

Standard version of the tool, including a 1-hour introductory video call to present the tool in detail, review your objectives and data mapping, plus 1 hour to help clients interpret results.

If you require additional consulting time to help you implement this tool, our standard consulting rate is CHF 2’900 per day. The amount of time required will be based on the implementation scope, company size, etc.

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One of our DEI consultants will be able to demonstrate the tool to you on Zoom (or Teams) in around 30 minutes. This short, interactive session encourages questions as we talk you through the basic functionality of the DS to help you to understand how it can help you and your organisation.

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