Family Forward

Empowering Family Planning, Together

Family Forward is a movement founded by Thriving Talent, Merck Switzerland, Healthcare Businesswomen Association (HBA) and the Swiss Consumer Forum to address and support the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals and couples in Switzerland regarding family planning, career development, and fertility.

Our mission: Putting family planning into the center.


Family Forward Founding Partners

Joining Thriving Talent in launching Family Forward are the Healthcare Businesswomen Association (HBA), the Swiss Consumer Forum, and Merck Switzerland. Each partner brings a unique perspective and expertise, contributing to our holistic approach to tackling the challenges of modern family planning. These collaborations underscore our shared commitment to promoting inclusive support systems that cater to diverse family structures and fertility needs.

Why Thriving Talent joined 

Employees are looking to work for companies that are values-driven and that care about their employees. The Family Forward mission firmly aligns with Thriving Talent’s.

Our experience of supporting over 100 corporate clients in their diversity and inclusion journey shows that companies able to foster inclusion and support during “moments that matter” for employees at different life stages have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.


Let's shape solutions, together 

Family Forward embraces diverse perspectives and evolves continuously. Each member is committed to walking the talk and making a positive impact.

If you would like to get involved and support the Family Forward mission please get in touch: [email protected]



"Debbie and I are thrilled that Thriving Talent is a part of this initiative that closely aligns with our mission. We have guided over 100 corporations on their diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys, demonstrating the vital role of aligning corporate values with employee life stages. Family Forward emerges from a collaborative effort that includes key partnerships with esteemed organizations committed to enriching family planning discussion and practices."

Natalie Wilkins

Thriving Talent co-CEO

"At the start of my own journey into parenthood with the help of a surrogate and an egg donor abroad, I felt a mix of pride and anxiety. There were so many uncertainties about how my child would arrive in Switzerland and what parental leave policy my employer would apply. It touches my heart deeply that as a consultant at Thriving Talent, I could contribute to supporting Family Forward. This initiative gives a voice to people like me and begins crucial discussions and actions to support diverse paths to parenthood."

Yarek Kumechko

Thriving Talent consultant