When your people thrive, your business thrives

We help you to achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals and unleash your organisation’s potential.

We do this by putting partnership and people at the heart of everything we do. We provide thought leadership and create programmes that energise, empower and inspire people. We help you to move DEI from being an organisational initiative to being business (and culture) as usual.

We are a multinational, multilingual (we speak 9 languages) and energetic team of consultants, certified coaches and trainers. We provide DEI solutions and leadership training in Switzerland and throughout the EU to help organisations become more diverse and inclusive, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage and improve business performance.

Our team members have found their unique way to juggle parenthood, caring responsibilities and professional aspirations. We love to help organisations and their people do the same and thrive.

Deborah Croft and Natalie Wilkins founded Thriving Talent in 2015 when they merged their individual consultancy and coaching practices. Their shared vision is to help organisations achieve their DEI goals by transforming how they manage the parental leave journey, advance women in business and implement flexible work approaches. Over the years, we expanded our solutions to help companies start and make progress on their DEI journey.

Our vision: Inclusive workplaces that enable caring and career and gender equality at all levels of leadership.

Our mission: To accelerate change that humanises the workplace and empowers individual choice.

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Our confidence and energy come from visionary leadership and a team of the brightest, most passionate and dedicated individuals in our industry. Our people really are our business, and every one of them is responsible for the continued success of Thriving Talent.



At Thriving Talent, our vision is to change the world by fostering inclusive cultures that empower everyone to thrive both in and out of work. We provide leadership training, coaching and consulting solutions across Switzerland and the EU.

So if you want to make a difference, join us.

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