How can employers adapt to the daily changes as a result of the coronavirus?

d&i strategies smart flexible working Mar 17, 2020

When we support Swiss based organisations to define and implement Flexible/Smart Working, it often starts with HR and Diversity & Inclusion teams asking us to help them convince their senior leadership teams of the tremendous value flexible working brings.

It can then take many many months, even years, until an organisation fully embraces flexible working.

Then came the coronavirus 🦠...

The coronavirus requires everyone - managers and employees - to adapt our behaviours and actions

This has forced many companies to jump past the initial questions of “shall we implement flexible working?”, “what is the ROI?”, “what is the risk of not doing so?” and “how do we convince the CEO?”.

We have also skipped past the “what will flexible working look like in our organisation?” where we typically consider the full scope of FLEXWHERE, FLEXWHEN and FLEXHOW.

Instead, many organisations have rather abruptly landed into FLEXWHERE: with options ranging from split shifts of teams working in the office to full remote working.

So, how can you ensure business continuity when making the decision to ask your employees to work from home?

What are the enablers to make remote working effective in this emergency situation? 

During this time of uncertainty and daily change, we believe it is an opportunity for leaders to show courage, emotional intelligence, empathy and patience. The foundation for true inclusive leadership.

We also believe it is an opportunity for all of us to reflect and discover new ways of looking at the world and new ways of working. 

It will require everyone - managers and employees to adapt our behaviours and actions.

If you would like support to manage the transition to "the new normal" then please contact us at [email protected].  

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