Family Forward: A new initiative for progress in family planning in Switzerland

caring and career event family forward family planning May 01, 2024
Family Forward launch event

Together with partners Thriving Talent, the Healthcare Businesswomen Association (HBA), the Swiss Consumer Forum and Merck, a new initiative was launched on 29th April with the aim of providing people and couples with better information and support in the areas of family planning, reconciliation of family and career aspirations as well as fertility. The launch event in Bern drew attention to the increasing complexity of family planning and its many consequences. In addition, experts and affected individuals discussed the challenges, contemporary family planning options and how companies can contribute to this topic.

Family Forward calls for better education and removal of taboos around fertility and assisted reproductive technologies, the promotion of equality in the workplace and improved access to family planning treatments. The initiative also aims to explore how employers and insurance programmes, both public and private, can help with these activities.

The launch event featured four speakers sharing their personal fertility journeys and there was a diverse multi-disciplinary audience of employers, DEI leaders, healthcare professionals, academia, the media and politicians. We discussed the challenges and opportunities of contemporary family planning, how these can be brought more into the public eye and how companies can contribute.

We are delighted to have so many people already supporting this movement to empower family planning together.

If you would like to get involved and support the Family Forward mission please get in touch:  [email protected]

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