Don't leave us! How to engage and retain working parents - LinkedIn Live replay

caring and career managing working parents parental leave working parents Jul 28, 2023

At Thriving Talent, we understand that juggling a career and caregiving responsibilities can be challenging. Despite progress in parental leave policies, many organizations still grapple with retaining and developing their talented pool of parents. The "caring and career crash" phenomenon continues to hinder work-life balance, resulting in a leaky pipeline.

In our recent LinkedIn Live session, we delved into the most frequently asked questions from organizations like yours:

  1. Why is parental leave uptake still a struggle, especially for secondary carers?
  2. What can we do to convince parents that they can successfully balance both career and caregiving roles?
  3. As a parent, am I alone in desiring a fulfilling career alongside parenthood? What can ease this transition?

If you are a parent or an influencer within your organization, working towards driving more inclusion and equity, this LinkedIn Live replay is a must-watch! We explore the evolution of working parents and carers over the last generation, common themes for both parents, and inspiring stories of parents thriving in balancing both their career and caring responsibilities.

Our experts share practical tips and actions including setting boundaries, effective communication rules, regular life partner discussions outside daily tasks, normalizing challenges by connecting with other parents, and learning to ask for and accept help.

Watch the replay to gain valuable insights to achieve harmonious work-life integration.

At Thriving Talent, we believe in creating a more supportive and inclusive environment for parents like you. If you'd like to discuss way we can co-create positive change, please book a free discovery call with us

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