DEI Puzzle: Is one company vision even possible?

d&i strategies dei diversity and inclusion event Sep 01, 2023

In a world where businesses are becoming increasingly diverse and global, the challenge of implementing a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy can be both complex and rewarding. At the heart of this challenge lies the question: How can organisations make sustainable progress with a global DEI strategy when various functions and countries are at different stages of the journey?

Our recent LinkedIn Live event, hosted by Natalie Wilkins and Tom Waterhouse, delved into this very question, sharing insights and lessons learnt from the work they support with global clients. The conversation centred on the alchemy of building and implementing a DEI strategy that accommodates varying maturity levels across business units and regions.

Why does DEI maturity matter?

The landscape of DEI within an organization can resemble a mosaic, with each piece representing a different function or country, each at its unique stage of maturity. As Natalie and Tom discussed, this diversity of maturity levels can either be a challenge or an opportunity, depending on how an organization approaches it.

Unlocking the magic of DEI alchemy

The LinkedIn Live event revealed insights on how organisations can transmute these differences into a catalyst for inclusivity and growth. They shared strategies and real-world examples of companies that have led their DEI journey by allowing for different maturity levels.

Key takeaways from the conversation

1. Unified Vision

Crafting a unified DEI vision across functions and countries is essential. It’s about helping people understand how the outcomes connects to their role and part of the organisation.

2. Communication

Effective communication serves as a bridge to connect varying maturity levels. Clear messaging and tailored approaches ensure that everyone is on the same page.

3. Knowledge Sharing

The synergy created by cross-functional collaboration can transform disparities into strengths. Sharing experiences and learning from one another fosters a culture of inclusion.

4. Adaptability

An adaptable DEI strategy is key. Organisations need to recognise that the journey is ongoing and should be flexible enough to accommodate progress at different paces.

The journey towards inclusion

Navigating DEI maturity levels across functions and countries isn't just about creating a harmonious workplace; it's about capitalising on the power of differences. The alchemy discussed during the LinkedIn Live event illuminates the path towards leveraging diversity as a strategic asset, driving organisations toward a more inclusive and successful future.

If you missed the live event, you can catch the replay to gain insights on how to build an effective DEI strategy that thrives amidst varying maturity levels. Discover the magic of turning diversity into a driving force for positive change within your organization.

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