Thriving Talent announces strategic partnership to provide parenthood transition and inclusion services and products to the Benelux region

announcements d&i strategies Dec 01, 2017

Today, Thriving Talent is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to provide parenthood transition and inclusion solutions to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Angel Buster has joined as Managing Partner and will work with forward-thinking employers based in the region to better understand and proactively manage the impact of parenthood, focusing on the key transitional periods: pre-, during and post- maternity and paternity. Joining Angel, Gérard Danjou, will be serving as a Strategic Advisor,bringing with him his experience managing very diverse teams together with his senior leadership expertise. 

Employers can combine an e-learning platform, Thrive Online, with practical master-classes, group and individual coaching, to ensure that their working parents, line managers, wider team and HR have access to knowledge, strategies and expertise. 

“We are so excited about our new partnership with Angel and Gerard” said Natalie Wilkins and Deborah Croft, co-founders and Managing Partners for the Swiss-based business. “This partnership will enable employers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to engage and retain their talent during the critical period of transition to parenthood; so that their business can prosper as talent pools grow.”

Known for her leadership development and organizational health and wellbeing expertise, Angel has worked for nearly fifteen years in the field of HR, learning and development.

“By partnering with Thriving Talent, we will expand our abilities to make a positive impact on organizational health and wellbeing by consciously including parents in our strategy” said Angel Buster, Managing Partner, Thriving Talent Benelux. “Combining our strengths of developing more inclusive, conscious leaders who care about the wellbeing of their employees, with Thriving Talent’s unique solutions, means that together we can have the kind of impact we want and reach 1 million parents by 2020.”

About Thriving Talent

Thriving Talent is a boutique Talent Management and Coaching consultancy and a leading European provider of diversity and inclusion solutions. We help organisations to reduce the attrition of talented individuals while improving gender balance, boosting employee engagement, creating a more supportive and diverse workplace and inclusive culture.

Our working parent programmes cover the four stages of parental transition: before the baby's arrival, preparing to return to work, back at work, and longer-term career sustainability.

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