Advancing gender equality in 2024

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Every year, March is underlined with one milestone event - International Women's Day. This year was no different. Whether you work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) or not, you've probably seen posts and messages about gender equality.

To echo some key points and, more importantly, explore strategies for progress and improvement, we hosted another LinkedIn live. Here are the key takeaways from the discussion between Natalie Wilkins (Co-CEO of Thriving Talent) and Faye Witteveen (Program Manager at Advance).

1. Understanding the importance of data

Data is one of the key factors in convincing leadership teams about the need for gender equality initiatives. Analysing exit rates, conducting pulse surveys, and understanding absenteeism can provide valuable insights into the health of an organization's culture.

2. Concrete initiatives that work

Faye and Natalie discussed examples of successful initiatives implemented by companies to support gender equality. These include policies such as phased returns for parents, extended paternity leave, and shared parental leave. Such initiatives not only support employees but also contribute to a more inclusive workplace culture.

3. Changing attitudes and behaviours

It's essential for leadership teams to understand the challenges faced by both men and women in balancing work and family life. Initiatives like reverse mentoring sessions and ongoing dialogues about gender equality help foster a culture of inclusivity and understanding.

4. Investing in equity

Natalie emphasised the importance of investing in equity to achieve true inclusion. This involves examining who benefits and who is disadvantaged by existing policies and processes within the organization, from recruitment to promotion.

5. Taking action

As we look ahead to the next year, we encourage individuals and organizations to take actionable steps towards advancing gender equality. Whether big or small, every action counts in creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace.


Advancing gender equality is not just a goal but a collective responsibility that requires continuous effort and commitment. By leveraging data, implementing concrete initiatives, and challenging attitudes and behaviours, organisations can create environments where everyone can thrive. Let's work together to make meaningful progress towards gender equality in the workplace and beyond. If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please book a free discovery call >


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