It’s still not always easy for working parents to juggle their professional and personal lives.

Research shows that within 12-24 months of having their first child, many as 30% of high performing female professionals leave their organisation. Those who do return often opt out of leadership opportunities.

This is also an issue for men. Research also shows that a third of fathers feel burnt out trying to juggle work and parental responsibilities. Fathers of today and tomorrow choose organisations who encourage them to honour their family values.


While there is a clear movement towards more positive, supportive workplaces, this hectic and uncertain period is still challenging to navigate - both for new parents and for the organisations that value them as employees.

Many companies are still struggling to retain their top female talent, failing to eliminate diversity barriers, suffering with the "leaky-pipe" syndrome and rising levels of burn-out.

Thriving Talent works with forward thinking organisations and their employees to better understand and proactively manage the impact of parenthood, focusing on the key transitional periods: pre-, during and post- maternity and paternity.

We help organisations to reduce the attrition of talented individuals while increasing talent pools, boosting employee engagement, creating a more supportive and diverse workplace and inclusive culture.

Our programmes cover the four stages of parental transition: before the baby's arrival, preparing to return to work, back at work, and longer-term career sustainability.

By combining our e-learning platform, Thrive Online, with practical master-classes, group and individual coaching, we ensure working parents, line managers and HR has access to our knowledge and expertise.


What makes us different?

We actively support HR and Diversity & Inclusion functions to get the buy-in from senior leaders and to demonstrate the return on investment our solutions offer.


Coaching Programmes

Holistic coaching formula to guide new parents to reconcile professional and personal aspirations, so that employees can maintain high performance.

Online Learning

Thrive Online is our cost effective e-learning solution, available off the shelf or customised, allowing you to scale training across your organisation.


A menu of practical and interactive virtual or in-person workshops focussing on working mothers, fathers and line managers.

Change That Sticks

We partner with you to design and implement turn-key solutions around parenthood transition to enable positive, long-term impact on the organisational culture.

Internal Communication

We are committed to your success and making this as easy as possible for you. From off-the-shelf toolkits to plug and play strategies and tools - we have your internal launch covered.

Free Resources

We offer complimentary high-value insights, case studies and practical tools that build awareness and buy-in, to provoke needed change.

Our clients & partners are shaping the future of work

Director, Logitech

"....I was a person who no longer felt confident to take any decision and spent her days looking for reasons why not! There were a lot of barriers to break down a lot of convictions to reconsider. Thanks to the coaching, I now not only know that I am strong, but I also know that I have limits and I can allow myself to reach out for help."

Tom Waterhouse - Executive VP at Banque Pictet & Sie SA

"Thanks so much for running the working parents workshops. You know you're doing something right when the unanimous feedback at the end of the sessions is “It was too short.” And on a personal note, it was moving and heartwarming to hear so many male colleagues talking so openly and honestly about what being a father means that them."


Are you an individual looking for support during your own parenthood transition?

We are in the process of launching  a series of online courses and group coaching programmes designed to help working parents - from the stage of becoming a parent to returning to work - enabling them truly thrive in their career and family life. 


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