Help your company adapt to the impact of Covid-19, and prepare for the future

It’s free for 3 months and uses your most powerful source of ideas - your people.


At Thriving Talent, we recognise that diagnostic tools can help organisations focus on the key actions they need to take in response to a rapidly changing environment.

Qlearsite, a strategic partner of Thriving Talent, has developed a Road To Recovery survey suite, composed of 2 free tools:

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Responsiveness Survey

Get the fastest snapshot of how your business is currently doing. There are 4 key areas to understand, using honest employee feedback.

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Open Door

Keep an open door to your people. Use continuous listening to let your teams update you with problems as they happen. All backed up by data.

The Readiness and Open Door survey focusses on four key areas:

Prepared  – have the policies and procedures been received and understood by everyone?

Enabled – is the organisation taking practical steps to support people during changes in working practices?

Visibility – do teams communicate and stay connected as they navigate the changes?

Care – is the organisation considering the personal needs of their people and are mangers actively supporting them?

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Both free surveys are available to organisations with minimum 50 people who want to understand what additional support they can offer employees during this period of uncertainty.  

To find out how this can help your company go Back To Better, please book a short call with one of our consultants to find out more.